Desde más de 60 años proyectamos, producimos y distribuimos

herramientas neumáticas portátiles, motores neumáticos, sistemas y máquinas automáticas para taladrar, roscar y atornillar, 
atornilladores con control de par electrónico.

Las líneas punteras del producto y el servicio atento y puntual antes y después de la venta han convertido a OBER en una realidad empresarial que, a lo largo de cuarenta años de presencia en el mercado, ha logrado alcanzar una colocación de relieve en el mercado italiano y que resulta cada día más en expansión en los mercados de los principales países europeos. Ober ha conseguido sobre todo lograr la confianza de sus Clientes gracias a la completa satisfacción de sus necesidades.

Nuestra historia Historia

Desde más de 60 años la satisfacción del Cliente representa para OBER el principal objetivo a lograr. El saber hacer adquirido y la cuantiosa inversión en la investigación le permiten a la empresa mantener una tendencia de crecimiento continuo y seguir proponiendo soluciones innovadoras y servicios a la altura de las exigencias de las empresas modernas.

Años 50

The company OBER was born in 1952, by deriving from a sole proprietorship to artisan character, carrying out machining and equipment sub-contract manufacturing, whose name coincided with that of the founder: "Officina Bentivogli Romeo".

Años 60

Starts the design and manufacture of portable pneumatic tools.

Años 70

In the early 70 ’s the design and manufacture of portable pneumatic tools, air motors, becomes the only business.

Años 80

Starting a distribution policy, and new industries, as well as abroad, and a development of OEM and/or custom products has resulted in a significant growth in the total turnover of the company and the implementation of new products and new applications.

Años 90

OBER has developed in order to provide its customers with diversified products and services throughout the national territory and to distribute their products with significant shares in Europe and a lower extent in the rest of the world, including the Far East. OBER developed some "niches", highly specialized, above all that of application technology of threaded rivets, for which it is estimated that there are between OBER complete systems and components supplied by other manufacturers, in at least 50% of equipment sold on the world market.

2000 / 2010

OBER studied and subsequently designed a new line of products for the electronic control of assembly processes, with particular reference to screwing controlled in torque/angle, called "Co.SMO". In the project, which saw its first phase of construction in February 2008, Ober has invested an amount equal, on average, to 4% of turnover. Research and development is an integral part, central and not an ancillary structure so, even in periods of slowdown, such as the last four months of 2008 and 2009, the Company did not cut investments in research costs, that, obviously increased their percentage of percentage of value of production.

2010 / Oggi

ELECTRONICS BECOMES AN ESSENTIAL PART OF OBER ACTIVITY. OBER combines the traditional know-how mechanic a second, indispensable expertise, namely in the electrical and electronic field. In particular, it develops significantly the activities of PLC tuning, which constitute the control device for automatic systems for screwing, optimizing the management software, to improve the efficiency of the systems themselves. In particular, the company has developed the use of electronic cards for driving brushless motors, opening of fact a new phase, oriented to the development of cordless tools.

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