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Critical and outdoor applications

Naval shipyards

Production lines
When the tool makes the difference
riveting with stainless steel rivets

Stainless steel rivets are used when aesthetics and the ability to create a seal against the elements are essential.

For example, they are perfect for market sectors which include industrial kitchen equipment, the manufacture of trains, motor vehicles, boats and wind turbines, for the farming equipment production industry and in precision engineering projects, such as mechanical and medical devices.

Although they are state of the art, stainless steel rivets are quite sensitive to various parameters, such as crimping speed, application pressure and sequence, settings which can be crucial to the final quality of each application.

This is why Ober®, a leader in fastening tool production for 65 years, has created a new tool specifically for riveting which ensures high-quality, precise results.
BTR 170 “Rebel” by Ober® Cordless POWER. Portable and free to move about.
BTR 170 “Rebel” is the first CORDLESS electric-hydraulic riveter in stainless steel, featuring smart electronics and ON-BOARD control of all application parameters.

BTR 170 “Rebel” makes it easy to use rivets, even for applications which involve a combination of metal/plastic as well as other combinations of materials. This versatile tool can also be used in out-of-the-ordinary or difficult situations without sacrificing precision.
Campi di utilizzo
  • Automobile industry
  • Aereospace
  • Naval shipyards
  • Railways
  • Farming equipment
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical engineering
Product strengths
  • Cordless - portable
  • Autonomous
  • >Multi-setting, a wide range of ON-BOARD settings
  • Designed for intensive use (an electric-hydraulic system with brushless motors)
  • Innovative electro-hydraulic technology patented by Ober®
  • Ability to save and trace all affixing data from every single application
  • Ergonomic grip, a balanced centre of gravity and reduced overall weight
"BTR 170 "Rebel" a powerful concentrate of quality and innovation"
Efficient, ergonomic, reliable, versatile, durable, innovative, but most of all, smart, the BTR 170 “Rebel”is the ideal choice for those who need an efficient riveting tool to be able to work for hours without changing the battery (from 650 to 800 cycles), free from the connection to a power supply.

The electric-hydraulic system patented by Ober® and used in the BTR 170 “Rebel” along with its innovative circuitry ensure other automated regulation features which increase productivity.

The BTR 170 “Rebel” can record all affixing data for each rivet applied, instantly indicating critical issues and ensuring traceability for all activities - indispensable features for INDUSTRY 4.0!

Smart Riveting

Long Life Battery Li-On



Precision Riveting





ergonomic trigger.

Riveting activation

  • Start button with electronic regulation
  • Activation of the main cycle setting
  • Automatic start of the complete cycle
  • Safety system
  • LED activation
  • Screwing activation
  • Pressure control
LCD DISPLAY and ON-BOARD controls.

Backlit LCD control panel.

  • Loading control/adjustment
  • Access/activation/modification of operative functions
  • Parameter settingi
  • Battery autonomy
  • Simplified, easy to use menu
Tooling in just 5 seconds,
without additional equipment

System patented by Ober®. No equipment necessary

  • Pressure sensor
  • Manual emergency reset and unscrewing

Double BRUSHLESS motor.

  • Reduced wear, thanks to its entirely one of a kind precision kinematics
  • Uses less energy, greater autonomy
  • Practically silent
Up to 50% more applications compared to traditional tools
Long lasting, quick charging
lithium-ion battery

  • 14,4 Volt / 2,6 Ah
  • Lithium Battery - No memory effect
  • New and improved battery and battery charger
  • Smart energy management based on your needs to provide optimum power and extend battery duration
  • Quick replacement
  • Other optional batteries
Electronically controlled electric
hydraulic kinematics.

  • Designed for intense use
  • Extremely precise and a high level of repeatability in laying stress
  • Minimum dispersion power transmission
  • Individual calibration of each machine in the factory
  • Closed loop power control
  • Extremely broad regulation range
Smart Riveting:
save and share data.

  • Save all application data and parameters
  • Sharing via USB
  • MICRO-SD memory slot

Technical features
Battery autonomy:
800 cycles / M6 and 650 cycles / M8

up to 24 applications/min

Load setting:
3.0 kN - 22 kN
Setting capacities:
Steel rivets from M3 to M10 Stainless steel rivets from M3 to M10 Stud bolts from M3 to M8

Stroke settings: 7.0 mm
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